About van Keulen Mobile Units

Sanitary appliances in the recreation business

Van Keulen Mobile Units are specialised since 1977 in semi-permanent building (units) and interiors for the recreation sector. We construct, ranging from sanitary units, office- and retail outlets, receptions and kiosks to mobile bungalows for marinas, campsites, recreational areas and beaches and have grown into market leaders in the realisation of sanitary facilities in the recreation business.

Personal, professional

Van Keulen Mobile Units combine the personal touch of a family business with the professionalism and clout of an industry provider. Our team of around 50 motivated and specialised employees deliver high quality craftsmanship.

Durable, practical, representative

Van Keulen Mobile Units are developed and installed with maintenance free, durable and vandalism resistant materials. They are excellently finished, practically outfitted and of highly representative design. In addition the high quality of our products ensures that the units can withstand all weather conditions.

Custom made, complete package

All the units are made to the specifications of the customer, hence are custom made. We think along with you and advise about, amongst others, various sustainable construction possibilities such as insulation and solar power. Van Keulen Mobile Units provide the desired order option of the total package – including preparation of a building permit, complete outfitting and turnkey delivery.