Van Keulen Mobile Units’ products are constructed under our own management. Hence we comply entirely to the wishes of the customer. We place the units all over The Netherlands and Europe. At the placement and assembling of the units our own fitters are present. Also take at look at our Sanitary Units, Offices, Receptions/Kiosks, Bungalows, Special sanitary units and washing areas.

We offer services all over Europe

Our products offer many advantages: time saving, flexible fittings, high quality, durable and blending with the surroundings. Our units can even be fitted in difficult to reach places.

Innovative techniques, environmental awareness

The products we build are referred to as innovative: We always look for the best solution we deem justified according to latest developments. You therefore have a wide choice. That also goes for the cladding: which has to blend with the ambiance and surroundings on your grounds. You also have different possibilities regarding outfittings which we will happily show you.

We thus produce our mobile constructions and sanitary products in one environmental- and energy conscious way. We make use of energy conserving installation techniques and supply required applications of solar energy to size.

Short delivery times and the best price

When you place an order for mobile constructions and/or sanitary products with us, you can count on a relatively short delivery time. Because we work on the principle of “lean management” we work in a more goal-directed and efficient manner. We have all prefabs and other materials in stock all the time. Through full deployment of our company we have therefore the shortest possible turnover time. This brings you the best price and us a satisfied customer.


Are you ready for an innovative and sustainable solution, which fulfill all the wishes of your guests? Would you like your investment to guarantee reliability? Contact us. We will happily make an appointment to discuss your options.