Bungalows - luxurious relaxation

In Van Keulen Mobile Units’ comfortable bungalows, recreation is really relaxing. Our bungalows always have double glazing, insulation throughout, seamless polyester walls and PVC or aluminium window frames. You are guaranteed a cosy holiday in any season.

Placement in one day

All the provisions from design to outfitting is carried out in our factory. Only the connection to gas, water and light happens after the placement. Hence we place your recreation bungalow in one day.

Flexible and comfortable

Yesterday it was still an open space, today we have placed a bungalow. We outfit your bungalow with your help. Central heating, open kitchen, bath or sliding door? Everything is possible, nothing is obligatory.


Are you ready for an innovative and sustainable solution, which fulfill all the wishes of your guests? Would you like your investment to guarantee reliability? Contact us. We will happily make an appointment to discuss your options.