Offices - Structured business

Van Keulen Mobile Units are specialised in building semi-permanent buildings such as offices, schools and (temporary) housing.

Semipermanent offices

For offices we offer many options. Thus you can chose from multiple linked units or stacked units. We don’t only supply you with office space, but also with reception and canteen areas. Whenever necessary we also erect a semi-permanent bungalow. Van Keulen Mobile Units offer you many options, fast and flexible.

Mobile construction: Always flexible

Yesterday it was still an open space, today we have put your office there, “just-in-time” for the official opening tomorrow. All the preparations, from design to outfitting, are done previously in our factory. Therefore all we need at your location is gas, water and lighting connections. In this way we place your mobile office in one day and if desired supply it, turnkey.


Are you ready for an innovative and sustainable solution, which fulfill all the wishes of your guests? Would you like your investment to guarantee reliability? Contact us. We will happily make an appointment to discuss your options.