Sanitary units- comfortable and made to measure

The quality of sanitary units is an important consideration when purchasing. It is an important part of your guests estimation. The representative for Van Keulen Mobile Units’ sanitary units offers campsites, marinas and bungalow parks the utmost in comfort. It gives recreation facilities an extra gloss.

The toilet areas, showers, washing areas and special baby rooms which you will find in our sanitary units, are typical, sturdy and hygienic by design. The interiors of our sanitary units are ready made and made to measure. Due to the practical outfittings they are easy to keep clean.

You specify the execution, layout and dimensions of your sanitary fittings. In this way we can make the units to your own colour and taste. We can also match the units to the surroundings you wish.

Individual sanitary units

An important trend is currently “private sanitary units”. We respond with different solutions. It can be a factor whereby you distinguish your recreation business. Ask about the possibilities.


Are you ready for an innovative and sustainable solution, which fulfill all the wishes of your guests? Would you like your investment to guarantee reliability? Contact us. We will happily make an appointment to discuss your options.