Special sanitary units - trend and value

Durable and high quality

All Van Keulen Mobile Units are assembled from durable, maintenance-free materials. As are also the special sanitary units intended for children and the disabled. They are finished to the highest quality, practically furnished and very representative in terms of design.

Representative, hygienic, sturdy

We deliver our sanitary units as customised. They are made according to the specifications of the customer. Our special sanitary unit is representative, sturdy and hygienically designed. The interior of our sanitary unit is ready made and ready to go. By the practical outfitting it is easy to keep clean.

Complete project

Van Keulen Mobile Units can handle an order for a total package, including the preparation of a building permit and complete interior fittings, and naturally, if desired implemented in the style of your business or surroundings.


Are you ready for an innovative and sustainable solution, which fulfill all the wishes of your guests? Would you like your investment to guarantee reliability? Contact us. We will happily make an appointment to discuss your options.